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Acoustic Antenna using only Optical Technology

The ATOS project aims to develop an underwater acoustic antenna for maritime surveillance using only optical technology.


This development is a technological breakthrough for passive underwater acoustic monitoring systems. This breakthrough is founded on the use of optical sensors based on fibre laser optical cavities which are multiplexable and easily interrogated from great distances via a single fibre optic cable without the need for on-board electrical power. This self-supporting system can also be used in conjunction with more complete maritime protection systems such as those developed within the framework of Pôle Mer Méditerranée.

Porteur du projet
Thales Underwater Systems
Partenaires industriels
CGG Veritas, Quantel, Rakon France, Thales Research & Technology
Partenaires recherche
Perfos, Ifremer, ENSSAT, Université de Rennes 1 (FOTON, EVC)
4 300 K€
Cofinanceurs publics
FUI (French Single Interministerial Found) and Regional authorities
Année de labellisation
Année de cofinancement