CAtadioptric Vision for Aerial Robots

The CAVIAR project aims to study the contribution of omnidirectional vision in the context of aerial robotics.

UAVs or captive balloon type systems can be very useful for surveillance of coastlines, maritime traffic and marine protected areas.

But this type of remotely operated vehicle raises the question of then being able to remotely operate from associated observation platforms.

The CAVIAR project aims to study what omnidirectional vision can contribute in the context of aerial robotics.

The aerial craft, remotely controlled by an operator on the ground is equipped with an omnidirectional camera.

While standard vision is usually used for this type of mission, the project examines omnidirectional vision working in association with the benefits of a catadioptric optical system which avoids the need to use panoramic fields.

Studied algorithms will be tested on platforms provided by the project partners. 

Porteur du projet
Université de Picardie
Partenaires industriels
Partenaires recherche
Université de Bourgogne, CNRS / Université de Toulouse (LAAS), INRIA Rhône Alpes et INRIA Sophia Antipolis
1 000 K€
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