Assisted recovery by on-board sensors

The RAPACE 2 project follows on from the RAPACE project. RAPACE 2 aims to develop a captive motorized carrier which can quickly and easily deploy a sensor to an average observation altitude of 150m directed by any operator without special training.

The on-board sensor becomes a "remote eye" to:

  • Monitor various target areas: industrial sites, forests, ports, pipelines ...
  • Locate and identify objects (people, vehicles, oil slicks, containers ...)
  • Geo-reference these objects
  • Guide response teams to detected objects.
Porteur du projet
Partenaires industriels
Aero Composite Saintonge, AKA, Helice, Delty, Aegates Consulting
Partenaires recherche
Ecole Centrale de Marseille, Ecole Centrale de Lille, INRIA
2 400 K€
Cofinanceurs publics
DGCIS Call for projects - Eco Industries
Année de labellisation
2008 – Joint Certification by Pôle Pégase
Année de cofinancement