Pôle Mer Méditerranée cluster's support

The PACA Marine Competitivity Centre intends to facilitate the access of its members to European maritime programmes thanks to the establishment of an expert network.

Clusters for European cooperation

The PACA Marine Competitivity Centre aims to set up a network of maritime clusters, that are innovative at the European level, with the goal of reinforcing research and innovation capacities in Europe. The membership of the Marine Centre in the French Marine Cluster (CMF) was a first step in this direction.Furthermore, the Marine Centre supports the representation of the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region before European authorities. This is a key goal to facilitating access of its members to European programmes.

Open to the Mediterranean

In line with actions carried out in Spain, Greece, Morocco, Italy and Algeria, the PACA Marine Centre is seeking to pursue its Mediterranean-oriented approach with the Maghreb, as well as Egypt and Turkey.It seems clear that countries of the Mediterranean basin hold the same interest for innovative projects regarding shared concerns: maritime and port safety, and the protection of environment.Partnership agreements, participation in European programmes, methodology exchanges … the PACA Marine Competitivity Centre aims at being involved in long-standing and sound relations.