United States

The biggest market for blue technologies

The market


In 2017, the American shipbuilding industry alone employed over 130,000 people. Over the next 20 years, sea freight volume is expected to grow by 30%.


Shipbuilding legislation is protectionist: vessels operating internal commerce must be built in the US (Jones Act). Further, small shipyards benefit from subsidies since 2008.


Ports also benefit from numerous subsidies to modernize their infrastructure and improve their security, efficiency, and intermodality.


The offshore wind sector is in full growth. Although activities are historically concentrated along the North Atlantic coast, numerous projects are being developed on the Pacific coast.


French industries face not only a local competition protected by regulation, but also Chinese competition that is highly subsidized by the State. However, French companies are recognized for their maritime knowledge, in particular in the renewable marine energy sector. Large companies such as EDF Renewable Energy, AREVA, Alstom, or Akuo Energy are present on the market.


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Through the ELBE+ program, Pôle Mer Méditerranée will support the internationalization of SMEs specialized in Marine Renewable Energy on the US market.


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