3 FUI projects launched

2009 saw the launching of three Ship and Naval Industry projects selected for funding in 2008 by the Inter-ministerial Single Fund (FUI).


The aim of this project is to improve the stability of small fishing boats thanks to mastering their dynamic stability. The main innovations consist of modelling the performance of small fishing boats and engines under extreme wave conditions and in the design of innovative on board systems (active security system, ESP naval type).SIREHNA in Nantes is the project holder, for a R&D budget of 4,7M€ over 36 months.


This project applied to on board Hybrid Fuel Cells, shall lead to the elaboration of fuel cell modules, used in a first phase as APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) on large motor boats, then in a second step, as a complementary propulsion system on sailing ships.
HELION in Aix-en-Provence is the project holder, for a R&D budget of 4,3M€ over 36 months.


The health check-up project for Intelligent Maintenance and Control, suggests an evolution in current maintenance trends. These practices, which are currently static and only based on breakdowns, should become proactive, forward-looking and collaborative (dynamic and based on damages). To master expected performances, it is essential to consider the integration of the maintenance process within the entire company process (a holistic approach).DCNS in Toulon is the project holder, for a R&D budget of 4,9M€ over 36 months.

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