A number of projects for the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Marine Cluster

This summer, the PACA Marine Cluster has succeeded in obtaining good results concerning the different calls for ministerial projects and in particular projects submitted to the Single Inter-ministerial Fund (FUI) reserved for the clusters.

FUI (Single Inter-ministerial Fund) : 6 projects selected among the 8 projects submitted

  • STRADIVARIUS, monitoring the sea beyond the horizon (PACA Marine Cluster, co-accredited by the Brittany Marine Cluster)
  • SECULMER, portable safety equipment to locate people lost at sea (PACA Marine Cluster, co-accredited by the Brittany Marine Cluster)
  • ASPECT, portuary secured automatisms for operation, classification and tracking (Risk and Secured Communication Systems –SCS- Cluster, co-accredited by the PACA Marine Cluster and the Novalog Cluster)
  • EONAV, optimized operation of vessels aimed at reducing energy consumption as well as emissions (Brittany Marine Cluster, co-accredited by EMC2 and the PACA Marine Cluster)
  • VEGE-AQUA, genetics of the adaptation to vegetal food in fish farming (Aquimer Cluster, co-accredited by the PACA and Brittany Marine Clusters)
  • SEDIMATERIAUX MEDOC, different recovery channels for Mediterranean marine sediments (PACA Marine Cluster).

Again, the quality of projects and consortiums contributed to this success with the active support of the Regional Directorate for Industry, Research and Environment (DRIRE), the Central Services of the Ministry of Defence, as well as local authorities.

Other good results have been gathered by the PACA Marine Cluster concerning calls for Eco-Industry projects.

This call for projects concerning eco-technologies is in line with the Grenelle of the Environment and the conclusions of the working group established by the Strategic Committee of Eco-Industries (COSEI). 2 PACA Marine Cluster projects were selected among the 3 projects submitted:

  • The RAPACE project is involved in the development of a captive observation drone for maritime or land security missions, the fight against fires, work supervision, the surveillance of sensitive facilities or detection of men lost at sea. Géocéan is undertaking this project with its partners: Aerocomposite, AKA, Helice SARL, École Centrale of Lille and Marseille as well as INRIA.
  • The VASQUE project calls for the provision of an underwater robot with great autonomy, capable of realizing an ongoing measure of water quality on the coast as well as in the open sea (pollution or oil exploitation areas). The project constitutes the evolution of a project previously presented to FUI: a Glider type platform, with hybrid propulsion and innovative measurement equipment.

At last, the “Serious Gaming” call for projects from the Secretary of State for Digital Economy has retained the following project:

  • Gambits (GAMe-Based Intelligent Strategies) : an interactive video game dedicated to maritime surveillance. Undertaken by Upetec, in partnership with IRIT, JFX and DCNS SIS.

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