A wide range landing catamaran

The CNIM (Constructions Navales et Industrielles de la Méditerranée) has just revealed their new landing catamaran that can shuttle indifferently between a harbour, a mother ship at sea or an unprepared shore.

This past 15 October, in the presence of a large crowd, the CNIM launched the Flash Boat, L-CAT type landing catamaran. This boat is targeted at the military as well as the civilian civil sector, for landing operations, but also for any other user requiring transportation of materials onto unprepared, or even destroyed shores. The development of the prototype presented by the CNIM was self-funded. It should result in the conclusion of some invaluable contracts with a number of potential business prospects that are currently underway.  This development, « recognized » by the PACA Marine Cluster, demonstrates the high potential for innovation amongst the CNIM Company and its local partners: BE Mauric, Natrix Design, D2M... Other innovative projects are under review and could be submitted as OSEO/ISI type projects by the end of 2008.

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