All on bridge for BIO-MARINE

The preparatory steering committee for the Bio-marine World Forum is fine-tuning all its organizational issues for this important week-long event dedicated to the challenges of the sea.

The preparatory steering committee for the World BIO-MARINE Forum which will take place at Toulon and Marseille from 20 to 24 October 2008, met at the Pharo in Marseille on 16 June 2008.This key, international event will be an exceptional occasion to highlight the expertise of the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region in technological maritime areas.Its organizers are also careful about providing the perfect dimension for this event. Sponsored actions are being targeted to reinforce the involvement of local actors and partners, hand in hand, with authorities.The five-day program will cover strategic sectors, directly linking them to expertises from the different competence basins: topics discussed in the Toulon basin will include themes related to sea geopolitics, security, pollution and prevention and concerning the Marseille basin, themes related to oceans, the energy and multi-modalities, for ports and transport.On form, the aim of the BIO-MARINE is to be a dialogue platform that encourages constructive exchanges. Sessions shall be lead by a professional moderator, who, with the contributors, will ensure a highly interactive debate. Likewise, the conferences will present concrete projects.The forum steering committee is fine-tuning organization, paying close attention to capitalizing on scientific expertise and also on political and economic challenges.