France Énergies Marines IEED, a national platform for marine renewable energy

The PACA Marine Cluster is supporting the project to create an Institute for Excellence in Carbon-Free Energy (IEED) in support of the French marine renewable energy sector.

The aim of the France Énergies Marines IEED is to boost the competitiveness of France’s marine renewable energy industry: fixed and floating offshore wind turbines, marine current turbines, wave power and ocean thermal energy. The France Énergies Marines IEED centres on three interacting sectors: research and development, test sites, validation of demonstrators, resource and training centre.  The IEED will conduct research for the mutual benefit of its partners, pursue collaborative programmes and provide services to the entire sector. It will consolidate excellence in research into marine renewable energy using the synergies offered by its public/private and multidisciplinary structure.  The main site will be located in Brest, with a secondary site planned in the PACA region to focus more specifically on floating offshore wind turbine technology. The project for the France Énergies Marines IEED was approved by the PACA Marine Cluster on Friday 21st January 2011. The project is also approved by the Mer Bretagne Marine Cluster.