Green Stars, Institute of Excellence in the exploitation of micro-algae

The PACA Marine Cluster supports the Green Stars project to develop industrial exploitation of micro-algae.

As part of the Investments for the Future programme, the PACA Marine Cluster is involved in the creation of an Institute for Excellence in Carbon-Free Energy (IEED) to explore the use of micro-algae, particularly in the form of so-called “3rd generation” biofuels. The Green Stars IEED will act as a spur to breakthrough technology projects.Each year, between two and five projects will be identified, hosted and supported. Green Stars will lay the foundations for the entire sector, from energy generation to waste recycling and the production of compounds of interest. The institute also plans to play a long-term role by training the technicians/engineers/researchers of tomorrow.The Green Stars IEED is aiming to become one of the world’s top three centres of excellence in the field of micro-algae biorefinery within the next five years.The Green Stars IEED project was approved by the PACA Marine Cluster on Friday 21st January 2011.