Leading project submissions to the Single Inter-ministerial Fund (FUI)

At the end of 2008, the PACA Marine Cluster submitted a number of projects to the 7th Single Inter-ministerial Fund’s call for projects, as well as to other calls for projects from the partnership platforms of the General Directorate for Enterprises.

9 projects selected by the Single Inter-ministerial Fund (FUI) :

ATOS: acoustic antenna with fully optic technology, co-recognised by the Brittany Marine Cluster, undertaken by TUS STRADIVARIUS: new generation HF radar, co-recognised by the Brittany Marine Cluster, undertaken by DIGINEXT SECULMER: portable safety equipment to locate people lost at sea, co-recognised by the Brittany Marine Cluster, undertaken by ULMER Aéronautique RAPACE2: captive air drone, with implementation alternative through a mobile naval platform, undertaken by GEOCEAN SISMARIS: broad maritime monitoring system, undertaken by DCNS AIRCLAIR: Infra-red analysis for heavy fuel engines, improvement of the environmental impact and reduction in consumption, co-recognised by the CAP ENERGIES Cluster, undertaken by CMR AUTOFISH: underwater robot for precise quantification of micro-organisms, undertaken by SUBSEATECH ZEEST5: autonomous radio measuring point for aquaculture facilities, co-recognised by the ELOPSIS cluster, undertaken by Mesures et Signaux SEDIMATERIAUX MEDOC: Mediterranean sediment valorisation channels, undertaken by ENVISAN

3 platform projects :

SEA ORBITER: innovative manned naval platform, multi-purpose : material testing, in situ environmental measurements as well as closed atmosphere experimentations CEFH: exploitation of complex systems, human factor expertise platform, co-recognised by the three clusters CAP ENERGIES, OPTITEC and RISQUES, undertaken by the PEGASE cluster CEEMP: Deep Sea Expertise and Testing Centre.