Marine Cluster projects in full security with ANR

The French National Research Agency (ANR) has selected six projects accredited by the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Marine Cluster, for a total amount of 12.2 M€.

  • PROPAGATION, passive radar and optronic tracking for the safeguarding and protection of coastal infrastructures, undertaken by DCNS
  • SARGOS, an alert and graduated off-shore response system, undertaken by SOFRESUD
  • REGULBASS, polymorphism regulation and the inheritance of differential gene expression among Dicentrarchus labrax, marine teleostea of fish farming interest, undertaken by the Institute for the Sciences of Evolution of Montpellier
  • SIMODE, influence of phenomenon’s associated with breaking when using active and passive micro-wave oceanic teledection, undertaken by LSEET-Toulon
  • COSTAS, contaminants in the tropic system of phytoplankton, zooplankton, anchovies, sardines, undertaken by IFREMER
  • FOCEA, evolution of marine ecosystems (Chair of excellence), undertaken by the Marseille Oceanology Center (COM).

A dozen of the PACA Marine Cluster members are directly involved with ANR backing: the LSEET, COM, CEREGE, IRD, CRC (Armines) and IFREMER laboratories, ECOMER and SOFRESUD enterprises as well as the DCNS and CS groups.Other results are awaited: for the IBISCUS project, undertaken by the Oceanology Center of Marseille (COM), currently number one on the shortlist and for the call for Franco-Chilean projects.