Marseilles represented in Hamburg

Regional Competitiveness Clusters Pégase, Optitec, Orphème, SCS and PACA Marine Cluster participated in the Hamburg mission organised by the city of Marseilles and Marseille Urban Community (MPM) this past July (8 – 11). Headed by the Mayor of Marseilles, Jean Claude Gaudin, this mission was carried out in the framework of the 50th anniversary of the twinning of the two cities. Both cities share similar concerns especially those related to the activities of a large commercial port (10M containers yearly) within a highly populated area (i.e. 3 million inhabitants): water quality, noise and light pollution, energy consumption, waste management... The Marine Cluster has been able to establish initial, promising exchanges with local clusters, the port of Hamburg and industrialists involved in port logistic services. A delegation from the city of Hamburg will be hosted in Marseilles from 8 to 9 October.