Projects for demonstrators for the ships of the future

The PACA Sea Cluster participates in constructing demonstrator projects as part of the Investments of the Future scheme.

As part of the Investissement d’Avenir program and in liaison with the GICAN and industry in the field, the PACA Sea Cluster actively participates in several projects designed to build the ships of the future.As you may remember, 1 billion Euros will be dedicated to financing the “Vehicle of the future” demonstrators, including 100 million Euros for the “Shipbuilding” theme. Five demonstrator projects are at the planning stage (Eco-liner, LNG Ferry, Electric Ship, Nuclear Propulsion Ship and Ballast-free Maritime Transport & Propeller Pump Pod). They will demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of the new concepts in real-life operating conditions and will be technological showcases for French expertise aimed at the export market.INFO+