Resolutely international-oriented

With the establishment of a dedicated working group, the PACA Marine Cluster has reinforced its legitimate aims to work at the international level.

Initiated at the beginning of 2009, the international working group of the PACA Marine Cluster includes representatives of the main Groups, SMEs and Research and Training Centres; It is in charge of establishing the International cluster strategy for the years to come, to ensure cluster members keep an international outlook.A study conducted by cluster members enabled the identification of major needs: regulatory and technological monitoring, training, the identification of competences, BtoB exchanges and partnerships, as well as representation on site and in France. The pooling of resources between PACA Marine Cluster members has been seen as a major step. The following three priority areas have thus been determined by the International working group.

  • Ensure an international influence of the Cluster
  • Create an international network
  • Build up international activities.

Cluster activities are concentrating on four strategic areas: Europe, Asia, the Maghreb and the Middle East. The preparation of several well targeted missions is underway.
For 2010 a draft schedule for participation in major international events has been elaborated, ranging from the International Oceanology event to be held in March in London (with the organization of a workshop in collaboration with the Brittany Marine Cluster and the SEEDA Cluster) to participation in Euronaval to be held in October 2010 in Paris.