Risks in shallow water seabeds adequately sounded

The SOACCHIRP project is now entering the industrialization phase of ultra performing measurement equipment for the mastery of environmental risks at the shallow water seabed level.

The SOACCHIRP project, co-accredited with the Risks Clusters has been successfully concluded. Following recent tests at sea, the system is operational; industrialization and marketing can begin.The SOACCHIRP equipment sounds sediments in ultra high resolution, within 3m to 100m deep. The very wide frequency band, and the very low frequencies used (up to 400 Hz) make this equipment a unique tool for characterisation of seabeds. Not very bulky and rather light (80 kg) it can be easily loaded on board small motor boats.First product of project holder SOACSY, SOACCHIRP should be of interest to seabed survey companies, as well as for consulting engineers involved in marine environment. It focuses on the study of environmental risks at the shallow water seabed level (landslide, coastal erosion…), as well as on geotechnics, mining (sand) or underwater archaeology.The SOACCHIRP project was funded by the PACA Regional Council for a RandD budget of 158K€ over 24 months. Cerege and Collège de France were its research partners.

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