Scientific techniques for sustainable navigation and port safety

A large delegation representing the PACA Marine Cluster attended the CETMEF’s 7th Scientific Days event which primarily addresses future international challenges.

The CETMEF’s 7th Scientific and Technical Days event was held in Paris from 8 – 10 December 2008. This session was considerably international-oriented and included the participation of the Panama Canal Authority of the International Maritime Organization as well as a number of European, French-speaking and other overseas partners.The latest scientific techniques were presented concerning themes such as port hydraulics, different approaches to port safety, satellite applications for coastal and ocean monitoring as well as sustainable navigation.Among the some hundred different presentations, the PACA Marine Cluster was well represented through those of CETMEF, ACRI, CS, DCNS, CEDRE, Ifremer, Thales, EADS, Globocean and Ecole Centrale of Marseille, as well as the presentation of six projects of the Marine Cluster (including SCANMARIS, SECMAR and MWPS). In addition, this colloque was attended by other members of the Cluster (ERAM, IRSN, CETE Méditerranée, Principia, EGIS BCOM, GIGAN, INRIA, BRGM, PMP and PMB)