Strengthened engineering and coordination team

At the beginning of 2009, the PACA Competitiveness Marine Cluster reinforces its engineering and coordination team in order to optimize its action in the field.

To ensure the implementation of its new strategy through efficient and optimal field action, new employees have joined the PACA Marine Cluster, and from now on, the engineering and coordination team is made up of the following:

Patrick Baraona, Director

Eveline Spina, Deputy Director
Theme 1 Maritime Security and SafetyChristophe Avellan, Project Head
Theme 2 Ship and Naval Industry
Port Working GroupMichel Ollier (temporary assignment DCNS)
Theme 3 Marine Energetic Ressources
Training and Employment Working GroupRobert Gandolfo (voluntary member of the Association)
Theme 4 Marine Biological ResourcesEve Garry, Project Head
Theme 5 Environment and Coastal Settlement
International Working Group
EventsJulie Tauleigne, Management Secretary
Communication and EventsMarie Carmen Gambo (temporary assignment CCIV)
International (Var Cap International operation funded by CG83)Solenn Le Moult, apprentice
Management Secretary apprenticeshipBruno Delage, Consultant
Relations with the French NavyGuy Herrouin, Consultant
Actions in France’s overseas departments and territories