TVT PACA Sea Cluster leads a project of the MED Programme

On 10 and 11 September in Toulon, the “kick-off meeting” took place for TOSCA, one of the projects of the MED Programme.

The MED Programme continues on from the European Territorial Cooperation programmes co-financed by the European Commission, and concerns the entire north bank of the Mediterranean. It brings together 13 members (Greek, Italian, Spanish and French) from the university community or State representatives. As part of the MED Programme, the TOSCA project (Tracking Oil Spill & Coastal Awareness network) is aimed at exchanging information and increasing knowledge of the oil spill pollution drift in the Mediterranean. It is also aimed at creating a network for exchanges between scientists and institutions in charge of fighting pollution.The means used (HF coastal radars and drifting buoys) will make it possible to gather data, which in turn will make it possible to improve the drift models established during previous oil spills caused by real-life shipwrecks.The PACA Sea Cluster, along with TVT Innovation’s European team, is leading the project. The LSEET laboratory of University of the South, Toulon Var and Toulon Maritime Prefecture are the other French partners in the project.