Test site sought for the floating offshore wind farm

The State is studying and comparing six proposals for test sites for the floating offshore wind farm, including Fos-sur-Mer which is supported by the PACA Sea Cluster.

Continuing on from the work of IPANEMA on the emergence of renewable marine energy sources, the State wished to create a technological platform for Renewable Marine Energy Sources, which was the subject of an application in response to the Institute of Excellence for Low-Carbon Energy Sources (IEED) CEI by Investments of the Future. This Institute project  is under construction,  sponsored by IFREMER and attached to the PACA and Brittany Sea competitiveness clusters. It should be associated with the test sites to accommodate demonstrators of different technologies. While the wave energy converter test site in Le Croisic and the marine current power test site in Paimpol-Bréhat are quite well defined, six sites are competing for the floating offshore wind farms. The PACA Sea Cluster supports the project to develop a floating offshore windfarm subsidiary based at the maritime industrial site of Fos-sur-Mer, with one of the building blocks possibly being the Institute of Excellence’s test site.

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