The Grenelle of the Sea, steps for a participative approach

Four working groups were formed to analyze major challenges connected to the sea and the coast, for the preservation of the environment and the sustainable exploitation of its resources

Photo : Gérard Crossay MEEDDAT / DICOM

Photo : Gérard Crossay MEEDDAT / DICOM

  • WG1: The delicate meeting between the land and the sea
  • WG2: Between threats and potentials, a fragile sea and the promise for the future
  • WG3: Share the passion of the sea
  • WG4: Sea planet: inventing new regulations

From 27 February to 9 June 2009

In each working group, experts, trade unions, employers, the State, Associations and NGOs working in the area of environmental protection drafted proposals and submitted their report.

From 11 to 24 June 2009

Regional consultations were organised by the prefects and mayors in eleven metropolitan and seven overseas regions.

From 10 – 24 June 2009

National consultations were accessible to the French public on the Internet.

Early July 2009

During a round table, a summary is prepared and provided the opening for an Inter-ministerial Committee of the Sea.