The PACA Marine Cluster faced with sustainable energy needs

The PACA Marine Cluster members are mobilising their R&D competences to position themselves on sustainable energy markets, following the volunteer French policy approach.

In the context of growing energy needs and the scarcity of oil, under the pressures of world challenges, the renewable energy markets are very open, mainly for maritime energy systems: wind, tide, wave, current, thermal gradient, or even salinity gradient energies. With an Exclusive Economic Maritime Area of 11 Million km² (2nd in the world), France intends to play an important role on these markets. Reinforced by their competences, the PACA Marine Cluster members mobilised their R and D efforts.Thus, the recent accreditation of the NENUPHAR project by the PACA Marine Cluster and the Capénergies Cluster, is aimed at the development of new vertical axis floating wind turbines, installed in the sea. In addition to the Nénuphar company, the Technip and Alstom businesses are associated with this project, working hand in hand with public research laboratories The PACA Marine Cluster intends to facilitate the emergence of multiple projects in these areas mainly concerning its new Renewable Marine Energies unifying program.