The PACA Marine Cluster signs an Ecotechnology charter

On 30th November 2010, the PACA Marine Cluster signed the Ecotechnology Clusters Charter covering 13 competitiveness clusters (Mer PACA, Risques, Trimatec, Mer Bretagne, Advancity, Axelera, Fibres, IAR, Avenia, Dream, Eau, Hydreos and Team2) and setting out the interchanges between them to develop national and international collaboration between members. The PACA Marine Cluster is directly concerned with four themes: environmental impacts and adaptation to climate change, sustainable exploration and exploitation, the eco-efficient and eco-responsible city, and metrology & instrumentation. Crosscutting fields such as eco-design and social acceptability are also covered. Dedicated operating committees have been formed, particularly as part of the Investments for the Future programme.