The PACA Marine Competitiveness Cluster engages with IRTs and IEEDs

The Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Marine Competitiveness Cluster (Pôle Mer PACA) is grasping the opportunities offered by the Investments for the Future programme by committing to three initial projects at the heart of its core expertise.

Among the flagship measures of the Investments for the Future (Investissements d’Avenir) programme, some are of direct interest to the competitiveness clusters. In addition to the development of structural R&D projects and pooled innovation platforms dedicated to competitiveness cluster projects, the PACA Marine Cluster is now engaging with the future Technology Research Institutes (IRT) and Institutes for Excellence in Carbon-Free Energy (IEED) that will require a seal of approval from at least one globally oriented competitiveness cluster. These new structures will reinforce the existing ecosystems already provided by the competitiveness clusters. Pursuing its strategic themes of “Safety and Security” and “Sustainable Development”, the PACA Marine Cluster is responding to a call for projects with three submissions, all of which received approval on 21st January, and details of which feature in this newsletter: the Mediterranean Technology Research Institute, the France Énergies Marines IEED and the Green Stars IEED.