The cluster embarks on professionalized action

Potentially upgraded to « Global Cluster » following the State audit, the PACA Competitiveness Marine Cluster is to embark on international action in a new phase.

As of 2005, the PACA Marine Cluster has aimed at a strategy of reaching out to privileged targets such as Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and Long Distance Exporting, especially collaborating with the Brittany Marine Cluster. Today, the continuation of this strategy necessarily involves the professionalization of its action.Currently classified as a « Globally Oriented Cluster », the PACA Marine Cluster seeks, following the encouraging conclusions of the State audit, to be accredited as a « Global Cluster ». It has the necessary resources to do so with its new strategy entering into a more internationally active stage, which aims to identify obstacles and levers for exporting and multiplying entry points (trade shows, canvassing for business, cooperation, training).An international working group has been set up with the goal of ensuring achievements in the long term, developing privileged partnerships, supporting international actions, determining collective actions, supporting agreements and, in an initial stage, increasing the awareness of companies and laboratories (training).In this new phase, the PACA Marine Cluster intends to involve its members in decision-making processes, and will rely on a self-evaluation system to ensure optimal efficiency.