Towards an integrated management of coastal areas

The PACA Marine Cluster participated in the symposium entitled « Integrated management of coastal areas in the Mediterranean » aimed at stopping the Mediterranean biodiversity loss.

This past 18 and 19 December, governments, public authorities, managers, field and NGO actors of the Union for the Mediterranean met in Nice. Together they studied the operational implementation of the Protocol for the Integrated Management of the Coastal Areas, signed in January 2008 in Paris, by the 14 member states.Within the framework of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the Barcelona process, this symposium was jointly organized by the French Ministry of ecology, energy, sustainable development and territorial development, the Egyptian Ministry of Environmental Matters and the French Coastal Protection Agency.Capitalizing on the experiences of the different countries in the area of sustainable management of coastal areas and the reinforcement of protection measures, this symposium has enabled the identification of sustainable development initiatives to stop the loss of Mediterranean biodiversity.It has become evident that the effectiveness of an Integrated Management of Coastal Areas is first of all due to funding resources, but equally important is the effective integration of land and marine issues in the coordination of sector policies and the active participation of local actors. A number of obstacles still need to be resolved…