Zoom on calls for projets

Four projects accredited by the PACA Marine Cluster were selected at the 9th call for projects of the Single Inter-ministerial Fund (FUI).


Co-accredited with the Trimatec, Derbi and Capénergies Clusters, the SALINALGUE projects aims at structurating a sustainable activity of microalgae culture on unexploited salt marshes. SALINGUE integrates valorisation by means of biorefinery. A demonstrator set up at the Giraud salt marshes will validate the pre-industrial technico-economic feasibility. BIOCAR, IDEE Aquaculture, M2P2 Laboratory of the Paul Cézanne University, INRIA-COMORE and OOV participate in this project.


The aim of the SQUID project is to develop innovative technologies that will enable a single, lightweight and reconfigurable device to perform pre-localization underwater operations, mapping and tele-operated interventions, currently performed by separate devices. ACSA (project holder), CNRS-INSU and IFREMER participate in this project.


The goal of the SAMCOM project, co-accredited with the EMC2 Cluster, is to enable the co-existence of a maximum number of antennas on a naval or land vehicle, either by developing a composite structure with an antennal function, or by integrating multiple antennas into the walls of the structure. A demonstrator will be set up. Civilian as well as military markets are aimed. THE BMTI Company participate in this project.


Co-accredited with the Brittany Marine Cluster, the MERITA project is concerned with the sustainable development of on-board cooling systems, using thermo acoustic refrigeration. During dismantling as well as manufacturing, all on-board cooling systems are concerned in order to ensure significant energy savings. The IUSTI laboratory – Marseille, participates in this project.

Calls for projects are still open for 2010:

  • By end of April 2010: 10th call for projects of the Single Inter-ministerial Fund (FUI)
  • By 7 May 2010: call for thematic projects of the French National Research Agency (ANR)
  • By10 May 2010: call for finalized research projects of the PACA region (OSEO).

The PACA Marine Cluster is happy to consider all of your maritime project ideas!

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