Zoom projects

PARAMILLS and ROV-3D, two PACA Sea Cluster projects that were selected and co-financed via the 10th Call for Projects of 2010 Single Inter-ministerial Fund.


A simulation tool for optical image formation, the PARAMILLS project is designed to model, specify, design, produce and test, in actual size, an innovative and effective underwater acoustic communication modem tool to transmit data between two underwater mobiles, one of which is an AUV. The project focuses on the production of a “pointable”, stabilised antenna, the production of a modem incorporating the spatial dimension into its functionality (acoustic spectrum management, Mills Cross theory), testing the modem in a realistic configuration and establishing how well it performs. The aim: to double the bandwidth of COTS modems. IXWAVES is the project sponsor, along with ECA, SEMANTIC-TS, IXSEA and ICAM (industrial partners), and IFREMER and UPMC (research partners).


The ROV3D project proposes to develop innovative tools combining underwater photogrammetry and acoustic measurements from an active underwater sensor. The results will be ultra high-resolution 3D models from underwater sites. The new means and methods that will be developed are aimed at reducing on-site investigation times and offering new comprehensive measuring tools which are non-intrusive for the environment being studied.Comex SA is the project sponsor with LSIS – CNRS and SETP as partners.